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Why Blood Work is Important

October 20, 2020

Timuquana Animal Hospital's goal is to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Annual blood work is recommended to monitor your pet's overall health. This will give us a baseline that we can use to observe potential changes in their health. We can discover diseases in their preliminary stages and begin treatment or slow their progression. If your pet is already showing symptoms, blood work will diagnose what is causing the symptoms. Blood work also helps determine the best treatment plan for our patients.

We offer two different blood work packages along with other additional individual tests; routine and advanced. Routine blood work includes chemistry, complete blood count, and heartworm test. This is primarily for low-risk patients such as young and healthy pets.

Advanced blood work included everything in the routine blood work along with a urinalysis, thyroid level test, pancreatitis test, and fecal test. This is for medium or high-risk patients such as middle-aged or symptomatic pets. Feline blood work also includes FIV and a feline leukemia test.

Below is a brief explanation of each part of the blood work packages:


  • Gives indications about disease in various organs (liver, gallbladder, kidneys) and various endocrine disease
  • Multiple blood works give indications of various trends that can be evaluated to deduce any early signs of damages

Complete Blood Count

  • Gives indication about infections as well as bone marrow and spleen functions

Heartworm Test

  • Determines the presence of heartworms in the patient


  • Gives insight of urinary tract health

Thyroid Level Test

  • Sees if patient is making enough or too much thyroid

Pancreatitis Test

  • Determines the presence of pancreatitis

Fecal Test

  • Shows the presence of intestinal parasites
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